7.3 94-98 OBS KC TP38R TURBO

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7.3 94-98 OBS KC TP38R TURBO

Its finally here.  A drop in version of our popular KC38r for the OBS trucks. This is our version of the famous gtp38r but with a few tweaks kind of like a 38r on steroids that is made to drop right into the OBS trucks. This turbo spools great and makes awesome top end power.   Here are some of the highlights:

Rebuild able Dual Ball bearing turbo for quick spool up and reliability

Upgraded Billet 6x6 dual plane 66x93 compressor wheel ported compressor cover with anti-surge ring

76x70 high flow turbine wheel to increase flow through the turbine housing

 Awesome turbo to tow with on smaller injectors. This turbo runs well up to about 238/100s when used with an intercooler.  NOT RECOMMENDED for stock injectors, they just don't flow enough fuel to need a larger 66mm turbo.


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All KC Turbo brand products have a 1 year warranty. The warranty covers any damages done during shipping, prior to installation, and if all installation steps were followed. If damage is done due to improper care of the purchaser's vehicle, warranty is void. Warranty's are non-transferable and are only offered to the original purchaser.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review