Armrest Repair Plate - Ford Bronco, F150, F250, F350

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Now that your OBS Ford seats are over 20 years old, it’s not uncommon to find your passenger seat factory armrest dropped down because the internal bracket has snapped. Ford used a cast steel that wasn’t created to take over 20 years of abuse.

We’ve created a replacement bracket out of good ol’ fashioned 5/16” thick American steel plate. Our bracket is CNC laser cut and tapped for repetitive precision.

We’ve added a third bolt that you won’t find in other brackets. This third bolt picks up the slot that Ford used to index the internal parts together.

You’re not going to find a better build, stronger bracket out there to get that factory armrest working again!


  • 5/16″ steel plate


  • 1 Armrest Repair Plate (passenger side only!)
  • 3 Bolts (2x 10.9; 1x Grade 5)