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    Bilstein 5100 Series (1980-1997) F250/F350 4WD Front Shock

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      Purchase Bilstein 5100 Series (1980-1997) F250/F350 4WD Front Shock

      SKU: CP-BIL-Shock-F
      Bilstein 5100 Series (1980-1997) F250/F350 4WD Front Shock

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      Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Absorber 



      Due to their larger tires and heightened stance, lifted vehicles place extra demands on a shock absorber‘s damping ability. The Bilstein 5100's monotube design and patented digressive valving is uniquely suited to confront these demands. On or off-road, loaded or unloaded, the Bilstein 5100 shock absorber instantly reacts to changing road inputs to maintain a stable, controlled, and comfortable ride.

      This Shock is for the front of an OBS F250/F350 truck.

      **These are sold individually. The price is per shock.**

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      Review Bilstein 5100 Series (1980-1997) F250/F350 4WD Front Shock
      5/5 Stars based on 9 Reviews
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      mike | December 10th, 2021
      soo much better than my 20year old rancho 5000
      Bilstein5100 series
      Gabrielle Ade | August 17th, 2021
      My old rough country shocks were blown out and what a world of a difference these made on the front and rear, still rides rough but it’s a straight front axle on leafs. Without a doubt a must have if your restoring an obs.
      Bilstein Silver Backs
      Freddie | August 14th, 2021
      Disclaimer: These are leaf sprung trucks and they are always going to ride like one! In that vein, the shocks I took off were completely dead, so this review is based on no shocks at all to the 5100’s essentially. 5100’s are the best mono tubes on the market and it took the violence out of the Baja race track I traverse aka South Carolina state roads. Bottom line: the shocks took my truck from a weekend warrior to a daily driver. One of the few purchases in life you won’t regret.
      As good as you hope they are
      Matt D | June 16th, 2021
      Skeptical of just how much these would help my '97 CCLB 4x4 F350 7.3 PSD, I only bought 2 for the front as my old Rancho shocks were completely shot. Let me settle your mind now, these shocks are 1) Worth the $$ and 2) everything these reviews say they are. Don't get me wrong, my truck is still a solid axle, front shackle leaf sprung machine but this took 90% of the "BAM" out of the road. The drive quality is so much better that now I'm going for a set in the rear. Don't wait, don't question, order these. It will make life better in your OBS.
      Well worth every penny!
      Brandon Scott | April 14th, 2021
      I purchased these shocks hoping that it would make the ride of my 97 7.3 more comfortable and they did exactly what I wanted!! I can’t believe how much they have made the ol lumber wagon ride! Even with IFS axels!! Highly highly recommend if your looking to make the ride of your obs powerstroke ride much better!

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