Featured Ride - Feb. 2019 - Mark Nicastro

Posted by Chris R. on Feb 13th 2019

Featured Ride - Feb. 2019 - Mark Nicastro

I am going to start this Featured Ride write up a bit different than the last one, I felt I needed to explain a little of why we have really decided to do this. As a large number of our customers most likely already know we are in our definition Enthusiasts in not only the automotive industry but specifically the older Ford F-Series & Broncos. Well, it turns out that a vast number of our customers are as well so we felt it necessary to use part of our platform to show off some of these great builds. This is more than just a hobby to a lot of us it is a lifestyle. 

This 1997 Ford F250 belongs to a great friend of ours Mark Nicastro. Mark may not have owned this truck long but he wasted no time making it his own. Starting from a humble absolutely stock crew cab short bed it how has more than a few subtle but very important updates that should not be downplayed. The old worn leaf sprung suspension was traded out for axles and coil springs from a 2005 Ford Superduty using a RYD Motorsports trac bar bracket and PMF braided stainless conversion brake line kit. The coil spring axles will not only provide these trucks with a smoother ride they are 4 wheel disc brake eliminating the old rear drum brakes and allow the truck to turn much tighter due to the truck not having front leaf springs anymore.

After getting the added benefit of modern axles and gearing it was time to do something about adding some horsepower to the 7.3L Powerstroke power plant. This was accomplished by adding a TS Performance 6 position chip, MBRP dual 4" exhaust, S&B cold air intake.

If you know me you know I'm an old man at heart so the simplicity but attention to detail of the exterior of this truck is my favorite part. Mark made the decision to run factory 2008 Ford Superduty wheels on the F250 after the axle swap to give it an updated look without it being to overpowering as to not take away from the trucks design. It's running a set of clear headlights that were customized with projectors as well as a set of clear taillights out back. Last but certainly not least for the exterior is the one off hand pin striping that gives it just that little bit of old school flair maybe it isn't something that everyone loves but it is an art that you don't see to often these days so that to me is dang cool.

Last but certainly not lease the interior, which has a couple of the coolest mods we have seen yet. Though, the interior appears relatively stock Mark has install a Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (EATC) and full control steering wheel out of a Ford Excursion allowing him to control the air conditioning and radio from his steering wheel. This coupled with the 2005 suspension gives the 97 the feel of being 20 years newer while driving it.

This truck truly lives up to the less is more mentality. Sometimes you don't need to go all out with a truck to really build an awesome truck. Mark's 97 F250 is a prime example of this.