Featured Ride - May 2019 - Brian Gray

Posted by Paul R. on May 17th 2019

Featured Ride - May 2019 - Brian Gray

So we sat down after UCC and spoke with Brian Gray over at Grays Diesel about their UCC OBS truck. Here is a little of what he had to say. 

It started with Gray working at Ford as a Certified Tech and wanting to become a home owner.(I know strange twist right?)

He had a newer 06 F150 FX4 that he decided to sell and recoup some money to be able to afford his own place. But still needed a truck to get to and from work. In comes the star of the show his 1996 F250 OBS.

Little does everyone know it started out as a 4wd with a 351W for a power plant. And as any good OBS owner knows you can't leave one stock(Stock I mean who does that?) Slowly it was modded and lifted to fit 39.5's and of course that didn't take long before those were too small and it needed to be modified again. This time it got a monster set of 46s and those proved to be too much for the 351W.

In comes the new power plant. Since Gray was a Certified Ford Diesel Technician what better swap(specially for us purists) than a 7.3 Powerstroke. Sure he could have gone with a Cummins but everyone does those. The Powerstroke swap fascinated us. Of course again who leaves anything stock? In went a set of 250/100s, a 38R Turbo, and an Adrenaline HPOP. In the words of Gray "This truck hauled ass and we were spanking all the 6.4 guys and we were on big tires". 

This is where the drastic changes took place. Gray says "We decided to slam the truck and put some Toyo Proxies on it(bye bye 46s) and added a little nitrous. Soon as we did that we were in the low 11s in the 1/4 mile and the truck needed a cage". Of course this was the point where life kind of got busy and the truck was put on the back burner for more important things. 

This was around the time with Gray started building his own shop, although this truck was always in the back of his mind and plenty of dreams of the parts it needed to prove the 7.3 was a capable platform to race.

Roughly 2yrs ago(2017 or so) is when Gray decided to buckle down and make those dreams into full reality. 

So he set out to break the 7.3 HEUI Pro-Street World Record. This is where the work began building the truck to meet all the rules for Pro-Street. Some of those include custom frame rails and dropping the trucks weight to 4500lbs(she was put on a large diet) So with what Gray calls a "baby shot of nitrous" they went 9.30@145mph and then again 9.28@146.27. 

After those runs they removed another 900lbs of ballast that they had on the truck to make the weight. On their 12th pass ever with the truck they ran a 5.21@137.45mph. This forced them to rebuild the cage for safety reasons and get it re-certified to 7.50 in the 1/4 mile and 4.50 in the 1/8th.

They have for the 2019 year added more power and have been fighting with a constant spin problem from the end of the 60ft down the entire rest of the track. They have also been plagued with converter lockup and clutch problems in the custom adapted(all by Grays Diesel) Turbo400 Trans.

They also have overcome a few more obstacles that most said were impossible to become the first dry sump 7.3 HEUI along with a 16volt electrical system with individual runner intake and nitrous setup. Another feather in their cap was being the first to zero balance a 7.3 according to Gray "we have no counterbalance whatsoever and we do our own injectors" He attributes some of this as to how they are able to make the power they are currently at. 

Gray says "This pushes us ahead of the competition and we are a good bit faster than Zane was in his 7.3 rail". Gray continues to say "we are striving to be the 1st 7.3 to the 4 second zone whether it be p-pump or factory HEUI." Currently Matt Kubik with his p-pump 7.3 has ran faster than Gray.

Gray plans to get their new found power to the ground this year. They have quiet a few new ideas they are going to implement to be able to keep the HEUI system in place. As pretty much as any body knows that follows our page we find this very intriguing specially since Gray is in an OBS bodied and 7.3 Powered truck. Be watching for more from them this year. 

We are behind you Brain waving the OBS flag for Victory!!!