The Diesel Podcast

Posted by Seth, Media and IT on Apr 30th 2019

The Diesel Podcast

Tune in this afternoon to hear the guys talk about OBS Ford trucks and how the company helps support them.

These trucks have been a life long passion for them and a passion of mine for going on 10 years! So of course we sell things to make money, that's how a company survives and grows, but its the passion that really drives us! We are here to help as many people as we can to enjoy these trucks. 

And we are all vastly different on what styles we like, Chris loves a period correct survivor truck. A mint condition bone stock 7.3 really gets him going! He is what you would call a purist 

Paul has a thing for conversion trucks, Centurion broncos and extended crew cabs really get him worked. Have you seen the video on his truck? Click Here

I enjoy all things custom I can appreciate a clean classic but my heart lies in the custom world. My current long term project is a 95 crew cab dually that I'm building a full tube frame for to lay body on airride. Stay tuned for that!

So anyway check out the podcast to hear a little more from the guys and rest assured that when you call in or buy online we are here to give you the best products we can and the best customer service possible!