Complete Performance Smoked Cablight Kit

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Complete Performance Smoked Cablight Kit


The same lights used by the DieselBrothers on The Discovery Channel.



1973 - 1997 Ford F150, F250, F350, FSuperduty, Bronco


Direct OEM Replacement Lens

Sold in set of 5

(You will need to provide, bulbs, wiring harness and screws)

Soon Available: A Complete Kit for those of you without OEM lights.


Garrett Mazon's Review on Complete Performance Cablights vs. Cheap Cablights

So, The LONG DEBATED cab light debate. Forgive me as I do not have a factory cab light to compare it to in the photos, but I have attached a photo of a FACTORY cab light that I had painted that is installed on my F350.

Lets get the details, On the LEFT/TOP is the eBay cab light, that you can purchase from eBay between $26.00 and $43.00. On the RIGHT/BOTTOM is the Complete Performance Cab light that you can purchase directly from Paul Rutledge or Chris Rutledge at Complete Performance for $80.00. 

Both of these Cab Lights are "Smoked" in color.

So, I will list the noticeable differences I've found between the two.

The First photo is all three colors available from Complete Performance, which includes a Factory cab light in the middle.


The Second photo. You can see the color difference here, the eBay one is more bluish/purple. The CP one is more of a brown, which if you've ever smoked lights using actual paint/clear, this is how they turn out. You'll also notice that the mounting holes are completely different. The eBay one sets the screws on top of the base, where as the CP one sets the screw down inside the base, like the OE one would be. Another thing to note is the actual shape of the lens itself. The eBay one is round, following the curvature of the base. The CP one is flatter, just like the OE one would be.


The Third photo reiterates what I stated above.


The Fourth photo shows the thickness of the bases, and if you look closely, you can see that the eBay one sits FLAT on the desk, and the CP one actually has a curve to the base. If you remember, the roof on your truck is NOT flat.


The Fifth photo reiterates the above, and you can also see they have added a drain to the back of the lens base. Which only means that they are expecting water to get inside the lens. Ill bring this up now, but they both seem to be "plastic welded" together. But the CP one shows much more melting between the two.


The Sixth photo shows the huge difference in the base thickness, and also highlights the shape of the base. CP wins again with the curved base.


The Seventh photo highlights the major difference in the mounting holes. CP being exactly like OE.


The Eighth photo shows the light socket mainly. Notice that the eBay one has smaller openings for the socket to lock into? Nothing worse than your light socket not fitting into the light housing. I tried inserting a socket into the eBay one and had a difficult time getting it into it. I actually quit because I didn't want to break either of them. The CP one also has a made in Mexico sticker on it. Not cheap Chinese plastic.


The Ninth photo shows the whole Base. Note the color. The CP one is more grey, and the eBay one is more brown. Another note here is the notch in the base. For anyone that doesn't have factory cab lights, this lets the ground wire for the lights pass through to the screw as a ground.


The Tenth photo. The mounting screws are lined up on both sides. You can see that the mounting square is actually set into a different place. This also changes the location of the bulb inside the lens.


The Eleventh photo shows the seals. The eBay one is thicker, and a lot more dense. I don't see this type of foam actually creating a bond to the painted surface of the truck. The thicker foam will also stick out and be seen since the cab light isn't curved to fit the roof, which is also why I think its thicker... The CP seal is more of a smooth foam, much softer, and less dense. I could find this seal sticking to the paint much better, and creating a better seal.


The Twelfth photo reiterates what I said above.


The Thirteenth photo is my personal truck, with factory cab lights that I had smoked using black/clear paint.


So, in review. You get what you pay for. The MAJOR thing for me is the curvature of the base. If it doesn't fit the roof, it doesn't seal. The thicker seal isn't going to make up for that flat bottom of the eBay light. The Cab light can rock on the roof since its mounted in the middle of the light. There are some differences that I pointed out that most wont even care about. But when you're going to fit AND finish, then it matters. The seal on the CP one is better. The Plastic itself on the CP one is better. I held both of them and flexed them both in my hands. The CP one was sturdy, while the eBay one had a some flex to it, followed by an interesting little creak. The mounting screws being recessed into the CP one is a big thing too. Most of the mounting screws don't look the best, and when people install them, they usually don't use stainless screws. Once again, about the fit and finish. The CP one is for sure 100% more OE than the eBay one. If I had to buy cab lights again, Id be giving Complete Performance a phone call. Ive been running their cab lights on my trucks for a few years now, with no issues. Bulb sockets went in good, no leaks inside the truck, they fit the roof nicely. Everything is good.



Warranty Information

Complete Performance carries a 1 Year Warranty on all of their Lighting Products. Starting from the date of invoice.


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  • 4
    I really like the lights

    Posted by Brian Shevlin on Aug 29th 2020

    The foam cushion to seal the light from the roof. I think could definitely be thicker in my opinion I don’t think it was making much of a deal. Since I added them I have water leaks when it rains. But they look really good. Very impressed with the leds as well.

  • 5
    Truck look

    Posted by Thomas McCarthy on Jul 27th 2020

    Omg best cablights ever

  • 5
    Real good fit

    Posted by Scott Fosdick on May 11th 2020

    Great product, easy transaction

  • 5
    Real good fit

    Posted by Scott Fosdick on May 11th 2020

    Great product, easy transaction

  • 5
    Smoked cab lights

    Posted by Nick Nastasiuk on Jan 3rd 2020

    Lights look great and installed easy.. whoever drilled the holes for the previous lights had them a little off so they aren’t completely flush and sealed all the way around on one or two lights.. some silicone may be needed. Awesome product and even got a sticker and Christmas card!!

  • 5
    Cab lights

    Posted by Mike on Jun 5th 2019

    Look good

  • 5
    Smoked cab lights

    Posted by Logan on Apr 8th 2019

    Perfect replacement for me cracked and faded original cab lights. I went to with the smoked lens and amber LED lights. Kit came with everything. Super easy install and looks great on my original hand picked truck

  • 5
    Smoked led cab lights

    Posted by Wally vaughn on May 20th 2018

    Spend the extra money, couldn't be any more happy with this product, no issues with installation. It took about 30 minutes to put all of them on the truck and they work great and look great with led bulbs. I was skeptical about the price but you get what you pay for, these fit just like stock and dont bother with the Ebay ones, these are curved for these trucks and not flat. I like them so much I'm getting the smoked head and tail lights to match.

  • 5
    Smoked cab

    Posted by Matt Savitz on Jan 31st 2018

    These lights are awesome. They look so much better that stock and definitely worth getting the l.e.d. Bulbs for them