Cummins Motor Mounts: 1989-2002 12V and 24V to OBS Ford

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Product Overview

Carrick Customs Cummins Motor Mounts: 1989-2002 12V and 24V  to OBS Ford

If you are looking to do a Cummins swap on your 1980-1997 Ford Truck, these are the mounts for you.  They work with Cummins engines from 1989-2002 (12 Valve and 24 Valve).  Our motor mounts are direct bolt in (no drilling or cutting required) and utilize a factory 1st Gen Dodge Cummins motor mount bushing. 

We chose to utilize the factory Dodge bushings because they provide great insulation from the vibration of the Cummins engine and they are readily available, making sourcing and replacing them when they wear out very easy.

Unlike others, these mounts have a built-in relief to fit the power steering hose that threads into the back of the power steering pump on the drivers side of the engine.

These motor mounts require you to "massage" the firewall in order to allow the engine to sit far enough back to utilize the factory, mechanical fan.  This is standard with most OBS Ford Cummins conversion motor mounts.

Made in the USA

What's included:

  • Frame side motor mount brackets
  • Block side motor mount brackets
  • Motor mount bushings
  • All hardware needed to bolt the motor mounts to the frame and engine
  • Installation instructions 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review