CX Racing Intercooler Kit

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CXRACING Front Mount Intercooler Kit 94-97 F250-F350

This is CXRacing's New Diesel FMIC kit Developed From Ground Up. Factory Trucks are without Intercooler, Easily Cause Overheat and Heat Soaks. With This Intercooler Kit, Intake Temperature is Lowered, and Much Better Pulling Capacity. More Importantly It Can Pull Consistently Without Overheat Issues.

Dyno Shows Increasing 20 HP & 40 Lbs Torque, With Lowered Boost Level (Meaning It Can Turn Up Boost With Much Higher HP and Torque Gains)

Kit is Designed With Bolt on Fitment (With Small Cut/Trim) Comes With Brackets For Intercooler, Power Steering Cooler, and AC Condenser. Also Comes With Heavy Duty Steel Swaybar Spacers.

Bar & Plate Design
Overall Size: 31"x18"x4"
Core Size: 24"x18"x4"
3" Inlet & Outlet, 4" Thickness Core

3" Aluminum Piping


(No reviews yet) Write a Review