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    Dieselsite High Pressure Oil Crossover Line

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      SKU: DSI-HX
      Dieselsite High Pressure Oil Crossover Line

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      Dieselsite High Pressure Oil Crossover Line

      The High Pressure Oil Crossover Line connects the left and right High Pressure Oil rails together. This allows the computer(PCM) to monitor the pressure of both High Pressure Oil rails, therefore producing a much more even fuel distribution by balancing the oil pressure between the two rails. The line also acts as an accumulator, resulting in less pressure spikes in the system.  The result is a smoother idle and all around better running engine. 

      Dieselsite has made the lines using high quality OEM style high pressure/high temperature teflon, stainless steel braided lines. When you purchase this you'll also receive a high temp wire loom sleeve to cover the lines for abrasion protection. Dieselsite also uses another addition in that their hose is an anti-static discharge line. It greatly reduces failure of any fuel/oil carrying line.

      Note: Just connecting the two rails is not "enough" for DIESELSITE. After several versions of hoses and sizes, we have come up with the perfect size hose and ratings. The larger the hose diameter, the slower the response of the high pressure oil pump. The slower the rate of "response", the slower the injection rate at high RPMs. This results in a loss of potential power as well as a longer crank time. Increasing the oil line's diameter increases the high pressure oil cavity in a sense, adding more oil volume needed to reach PCM desired levels. What we have now is the optimum in performance and balanced pressures.

      YOU DO NOT NEED THIS CROSSOVER HOSE IF YOU HAVE AN ADRENALINE HPOP.  That is taken care of in the pump.  

      * Please do not confuse this item with the high pressure oil lines that connect to your high pressure oil pump.

      *We recommend these hoses, as well as the OEM high pressure hoses, to be replaced once a year. Many chips increase the duty cycle and length of the maximum pressures of the oil pump. This places exceptional stress on the hoses that they were not intended to see from the stock programs. The pressures in this system are very commonly at 3000 psi.

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      Oil crossover line
      Eddie | January 19th, 2021
      Great product and ez to install !!!!

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