Ford Bronco Tailgate Cover

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Product Overview


Are you missing the access cover on your Ford Bronco tailgate? Or, do you just want a smooth surface to set things on? If so, then we’ve got what you covered!

Our Ford Bronco Tailgate Cover is precisely CNC laser cut out of 1/8” aluminum for a perfect fit every time. We supply you with all the necessary rivnuts and stainless-steel hardware to quickly bolt this cover down.

5052 grade aluminum is used in order to keep the cost down. This means that they may come with slight scratches on them.

It covers the majority of the tailgate but is still small enough to remove for access to your back window motor when your back window won’t roll down.


  • 1/8” Aluminum (5052 grade, CNC laser cut)
  • Cover Dimensions: 56.5” x 18.5” x 1/8”


  • 1x Aluminium Access Cover
  • 15x Rivnuts
  • 15x Stainless-steel Button Head Allen Bolts


(No reviews yet) Write a Review