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    Ford Clutch Rod Repair

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      Ford Clutch Rod Repair

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      Ford Clutch Rod Repair




      The "heim joint mod" for 1987 & up Ford models equipped with the ZF 5 speed manual transmission eliminates problems associated with the infamous plastic "Mickey Mouse" bushing located in the eye of the clutch master cylinder pushrod. The plastic bushing is notorious for wearing down and/or cracking, allowing for excessive play between the pushrod and clutch pedal swing arm. In extreme cases where the problem is not addressed promptly, the eye of the pushrod can actually begin to eat away the pin on the end of the swing arm. Ultimately, this connection is the source of poor shift quality, grinding gears, and the seemingly endless need for more clutch throw.

      The heim joint mod replaces the factory pushrod eye and swing arm pin with a rod end joint and high strength cap screw, creating a tight connection that will never wear out. You'll be amazed at how such a simple modification can greatly improve clutch feel.



      1987-1998, 1999-2010: F150, F250, F350, F450, F550 powerstroke, heavy duty, BRONCO.

      All steel and zinc plated self-aligning joint ensures superb durability and precision.
      This is the "permanent fix/repair kit" for worn out rod end plastic bushing.

      External Hole Size     1/4-28 in.
      Inside Hexagonal Bolt     3/8-24 x 1-1/4 in.

      Items Included:

      • 1 x Clutch Rod Repair End
      • 1 x Instruction
      • 1 x Inside Hexagonal Bolt
      • 1 x Lock Washer
      • 1 x Hex Nut


      You will need:
      Hacksaw or dremel tool with cut off wheel
      Small hand or bench grinder
      11/16 wrench 
      Vise grips
      2 large screwdrivers
      set of allen wrenches
      9/16 wrench


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      4.4/5 Stars based on 5 Reviews
      Clutch rod repair
      Anonymous | April 8th, 2021
      I installed this on my 96 with a ZF5. And was very impressed with how much it has improved my clutch function!!
      ZF5 Clutch Rod Repair
      Hunter | January 28th, 2021
      I’ve got a ‘95 7.3 ZF5 and my truck got to the point where it wouldn’t start because the clutch rod wasn’t being pulled enough to engage the safety switch. From the factory they come with a plastic bushing that is complete garbage. Needless to say that wears out then the rod starts digging grooves into the stud coming off of the clutch assembly. Then you won’t be able to start your truck unless you bypass the safety switch which should only be a last resort. This part is the best and only way to fix that problem for the life of your truck. Can’t beat it for the price. Great quality and relatively easy to install. Thanks CP Addict for another great OBS product!
      Quality of product is good.
      Stephan | August 10th, 2020
      Did not come with instructions as indicated on the cpaddict website. A quick search of YouTube solved that but shouldn’t be necessary.
      Clutch rod mod
      Scott | February 19th, 2020
      I love it! Super easy install and clutch actuation is much smoother. Still need to do some minor adjusting but I'm super happy! Thanks for making killer products guys!
      Cody Owens | October 10th, 2019
      It is very difficult because it does not come with instructions. But overall it is a good product and feels much better than before. Remember where the arm is located word of advice.