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    Q. Will a reverse shackle kit work on my TTB axle F-250?

    A. Short answer, yes. You will need a set of Tuff Country drop pivot brackets to get the axles down and back into proper position for alignment.

    Q. Does the LED pod light bracket cause an airflow issues for the radiator or coolers?

    A. No. Most 1992-1997 Ford trucks and Broncos were built without holes in the bumpers from the factory. Only the 7.3L Powerstroke bumpers had holes.

    Q. What is better: A Superduty leaf spring reserve shackle kit or a 05-21 Superduty coil spring axle swap?

    A. That one is tough and depends mostly on if you are swapping axles and what axles you have readily available to you. It will also depend on what your budget is. The 1999-2004 reverse shackle kit is great for if you are planning to keep your factory 1992-1997 axles and are looking for a better ride or if you have easy access to a set of 1999-2004 axles that you plan to swap. Otherwise, there is no substitute for coil springs. Ford moved to strictly coil spring axles after 2005 for a reason. Coil spring suspensions will give the best ride quality possible for the 1992-1997 trucks and Broncos.

    Q. Can you align your 2WD after doing a level kit?

    A. Yes these trucks do require a knowledgeable technician. These trucks are much more difficult than modern day automobiles to align so you have have trouble from some shops but the 2 inch level kit by itself is still alignable. If you also do new springs or lift springs then no it will not be alignable.

    Q. Will I still be able to tow with a lowering kit?

    A. Yes! Lowering does not change the spring rate in any way. Now you may want to do airbags to keep the rear end from going too low, but the truck can still carry the same load as before.