Irate Diesel Performance T4 S366 Complete Kit, 7.3L Powerstroke

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Irate Diesel Performance T4 S366 Complete Kit


This kit is for the crowd looking to be around the 500hp mark, this turbo has very good driving characteristics and will do very well towing.

This kit is the full IDP T4 mounting system with 304ss up-pipes and intercooler piping. And includes the S366 turbo. Just hook up your air filter and exhaust and this system is ready to run!

Please select year of truck!!

Also add a wastegate kit to your Superduty mount if wanting to run a 238/100 or larger injector and have an excellent spooling street turbo, while having the wastegate to maintain proper back pressures.  

***You can also now upgrade to the 366SXE turbo That comes STANDARD with the 360* thrust washer and billet wheel for even more durability when running hybrid injectors!!! We highly recommend this turbo over the standard 366 because of the better flow and durability.  Click here for that turbo package.

*Please select year of truck.

**94-97-Waste-gates NOT available on OBS trucks!  Fire wall modifications will be necessary for the down pipe, even if you have a 3″ down pipe for the stock turbo in there already.  

**94-97 trucks must have electric fuel system and 3″ intake plenums to run our T4 kit.  

If you are wanting 321 stainless please alow a week for assembly.  99% of the people out there do NOT need 321ss, we have been making over 700hp on the 304ss!  Call for price!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review