Irate Diesel Performance T4 S476SX-E Complete Kit, 7.3L Powerstroke

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T4 S476SX-E

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Irate Diesel Performance Complete T4 S476SX-E Turbo Kit

Full IDP T4 mounting kit with S476SX-E turbo, IDP plenums Included on 476SXE  kits,  and all parts needed for installation!!

This is a great turbo for 350/200 injectors all the way up to 400/400’s!  It out flows the 472 by quite a bit and comes standard with a 360* thrust and OEM Borg warner Billet wheel.  This turbo flows like an S480 but spools MUCH faster!

**94-97-Waste-gates NOT available on OBS trucks! Fire wall modifications might be necessary (depending on your body mount conditions) for the down pipe, even if you have a 3″ down pipe for the stock turbo



(No reviews yet) Write a Review