KC300X 66/73 - 7.3 POWERSTROKE TURBO (L99 - 03)

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KC300X 66/73 - 7.3 POWERSTROKE (L99 - 03)


This is a journal bearing turbo with a Borg Warner 300sxe Style turbine wheel, modified to fit inside a drop in ready super duty turbo. You can expect much lower egts with the 1.0 a/r housing and Quicker spool up with the .84 a/r housing.

This turbo will surprise you at how well it runs! We have torture tested it for longevity and proven its capability on the dyno.

Recommended injectors: with 238cc/80% 

Minimum injectors: 180cc/30%

Maximum injectors: 250cc/100%


(No reviews yet) Write a Review