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    Morris Motorsports Weld In Dipstick Fix (1994-03) 7.3L

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      Morris Motorsports Weld In Dipstick Fix (1994-03) 7.3L

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      Morris Motorsports Weld In Dipstick Fix (1994-03) 7.3L


      Does your 7.3L Powerstroke have the notorious 7.3L oil leak from the dipstick? This is typically an expensive fix with either pulling the engine to remove the oil pan or installing other aftermarket solutions. Morris Motorsports has developed a fix for this issue that is much more cost effective, with this fix you simply pull out the original dipstick mount, clean the area around the hole, and weld the new fix in.  


      Difficulty Level:

      On a scale of 1-10 we would have to give this fix an 8 strictly because of the requirement of having to weld the piece in.


      Use Mild Steel rod/mig wire

      Clean Surface well

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      Review Morris Motorsports Weld In Dipstick Fix (1994-03) 7.3L
      5/5 Stars based on 5 Reviews
      weld in dipstick
      PowerStroke Enginiuities | December 22nd, 2021
      Only thing that would make this product better is if it welded itself.. not sure why.. but the customer is always right.. yall need to provide a welder attached to product easier installation. jk, awesome part by awesome company!! highly recommend.
      Dip stick fix
      Eric Dones | May 29th, 2021
      Worked great
      Weld in dipstick adapter
      Scott | March 22nd, 2021
      Awesome solution to a common problem. I welded this part into my oil pain with a small mig welder primed and painted. Perfect fit and solution to the oil leaks that are common there. An absolute must have if you are replacing the old style bolt on adapter.
      Great Product
      Kerry Dick | April 15th, 2020
      I was a little skeptical at first but after a little prep work and minor welding I now have a bulletproof solution to the common "dipstick adapter leak". This is a great product for piece of mind, what's really beneficial is I can get everything with one stop shopping through Complete Performance.
      Better than anything I’ve used. Perfect and metal was very easy to weld in.
      Jason macbride | November 9th, 2019
      If you can mig weld this is the cheapest fix that will actually work.