PCM/ECM TESTING Service, 1994-2003 7.3L Powerstroke

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PCM7.3 Test

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This is a TEST Service for YOUR PCM!! 

Did you accidentally pull your performance chip out of the PCM while the key was on or with the vehicle running or did the PCM just go out on you??? We can help! 

If your PCM for any reason is not rebuild-able we will contact you.

We can bench test your PCM. 

The more info you provide about your vehicle's symptoms and issues, the more thoroughly we can test your modules,  and the better guidance we can give you for additional troubleshooting steps.

PCM testing consists of verifying that the PCM boots up, activates the Glow Plug Relay or Module, Fuel Pump, Injector Driver Module, receives a Cam Position Sensor signal, commands the IDM to fire the injectors, activates the appropriate transmission shift solenoids in response to moving the range selector lever, connects to a scan tool, and that it transmits the correct sensor values.

Signals such as the Injection Pressure Regulator and Electronic Pressure Control are also checked with an oscilloscope. After testing, we'll email you with our findings, and suggest additional troubleshooting steps if the PCM tests good. 

If you are running a performance chip, please send it with your PCM. There is no extra charge to test your chip with your PCM. Do not send the cable or switch.

If you are troubleshooting a no-start or injector misfire condition, we recommend you test both units, unless you have ruled out one or the other of the modules by swapping a known-good test unit into the problem vehicle.


*The Shipping fee is to cover shipping back to you insured for the full replacement value of the PCM. You are required to ship the PCM to us


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review