Regular cab Driver & Passenger Door Repair Package

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Product Overview

Have a door that won't open?

Broke a Door Handle?

Window Switch Flopping around?

Door panel rattling?

Look no further we have the solution! The CPADDICT Door Repair Package.


This kit was put together for anyone having to pull the door panel for any repairs. This will take care of the most common issues. This allows you to pull the door panel once and repair it all at one time. Nothing is worse than pulling a panel to realize you need more supplies and then have to reassemble and wait for more parts to arrive.

Items Included:

  • Door Panel Retainer Pins 
  • Door Reinforcement plate(w/rivets) x 2
  • Driver and Passenger OEM door handle
  • Driver Regular Cab Door Panel Repair Bracket
  • Passenger Door Panel Repair Bracket


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review