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    (92-97) RSK - (OBS Springs) F-250/350

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      (92-97) RSK - (OBS Springs) F-250/350

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       Shackle Reversal Kits (OBS Springs) F-250/350

      These trucks are notorious for having a terrible ride quality when put up against newer trucks in its class. This kit is by far the most affordable way to create a superior ride for your 1992-1997 F250/F350 by changing the location of the spring shackles from the front of the spring as it was factory to the rear. This creates a much smoother and more enjoyable ride.


      What this kit does:

      • Provides a much better ride than stock
      • Eliminates the weak front shackle design
      • Levels the front of your truck

      You will need to add the Tuff Country Pivot Drop Bracket if you're are installing this on a 1992-1997 F250 with the factory Dana 50 still in place.

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      Review (92-97) RSK - (OBS Springs) F-250/350
      5/5 Stars based on 4 Reviews
      Improves ride quality
      James Stillwell | March 14th, 2022
      The kit arrived well-packaged and in very good condition. The black powder coating looked perfect and the welds were clean. Installed on a ‘97 F-250, 7.3, CCSB, 4x4 with an axle pivot drop bracket installed on the twin I beam front axle. It has a banks intercooler. I used a two-post frame lift, floor jacks, and did this mostly by myself. The instructions are for a solid axle truck, so some deviation was required and expected. Removing the original equipment is straightforward. Installing the front cross member required assistance. I needed a floor jack and a pry bar to get the bracket to straddle the right frame horn. The left side had just enough clearance for the floor jack to press the bracket in place. After the new bolts were placed and nuts were finger tight; measured and marked for the remaining holes. I was unable to drill the inside mounting holes due to the intercooler being in the way. My kit is mounted with only outer bolts and the long bolt that goes through the original hole. The next time I take my intercooler off, I’ll drill and place the other bolts. My truck rarely leaves the pavement, so I’m not worried about this mounting setup. For non-solid axle trucks, I’d recommend hanging the leaf springs from the front and rear mounts and raising each side of the axle up for attachment with the u-bolts. Avoid attaching the leaf springs to the axle and raising to hang from the shackles. I did this the first time and couldn’t get the springs to line up in the hangers. Including the installation of the axle pivot drop bracket, this install took 22-24 working hours. This excludes the day it took to have it professionally aligned. It now sits 1/2” - 1” higher in the front than the back, depending on the side. This is true after replacing the front and rear springs. The replacement rear springs increased the rear height by about an inch, so if yours are original, you’ll end up with an obviously squatted truck. As it stands, my truck looks pretty level, depending on the angle of the ground it’s sitting on. The ride quality was noticeably improved. Less jarring, but still a leaf spring suspension. The instructions call for additional cutting of the product to achieve a 2” lift. If you don’t cut, you end up with a 2.5” lift. I don’t know why that isn’t made more clear in the website description.
      Daniel Dalton II | December 29th, 2021
      SKY'S OFFROAD DESIGN SHACKLE REVERSAL KITS (OBS SPRINGS) F-250/350 Went on smooth as butter !! Definitely worth the money !! The ride is much smoother !!
      Lift quality
      Wyatt | December 17th, 2021
      Great product, shipped quickly even during the holidays, well built.
      Purchased as a gift, very nice
      jimmc13 | December 16th, 2021
      Arrived in great shape in plenty of time for Christmas, good job guys thanks very much!!!

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