SKY Manufacturing 78-97 Ford 4x4 Rear Shackle Flip Kit, Ford-RFK-004

$185.00 - $414.00
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78-97 Ford 4x4 Rear Shackle Flip Kit,

These kits fit the 78-97 Ford 4x4 F-150, F-250, F-350 and Bronco 4x4. 

Rear shackle flip kits position the shackle downward in order to allow the rear leaf springs to follow a more natural arc, instead of fight the leaf spring under compression. This will generally improve ride quality.

Pinion angle should be checked after installation, corrected if needed. Axle center line can move forward from stock. Giant lift springs will affect axle position more so and is very difficult to plan for without having parts assembled on the truck.

Kit includes hardware for bolting hangers to frame. Hangers use factory frame bolt holes to attach. See installation in Pictures/Installs

All parts are laser cut and CNC formed out of 1/4" and 3/8" A36 PnO steel.

Made in the USA with USA steel!