SKY Manufacturing 80-97 Ford Lo-Pro Front Suspension Shackle Hanger, FORD-FSSH

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80-97 Ford Lo-Pro Front Suspension Shackle Hanger, 

What it is: 
This is a replacement shackle hanger for Sky's Shackle Reversals, mainly our 2" version, the FORD-FSR-002.

What it does: 
This pair of shackle hangers replaces the factory rear Ford front leaf spring hangers. It will not work for a factory direct replacement, it is intended only to be used with Sky's shackle reversals due to size of the eye of the shackle and position of the bolt hole. This bracket has the spring eye moved forward 1.5" for a much improved shackle angle. It also has the eye moved up towards the frame 1.250" for as little drop as possible. This cuts down on over all lift. Compared to factory, this will subtract 5/8ths of an inch of lift. It is designed to work with our 2" FSR shackles. Sky's larger shackles will fit but the tops must be clearanced to fit.

What you need: 
Preferable Sky's 2" FSR Ford-FSR-002  shackles,  92-97 Style front leaf springs, aftermarket can work as well, spring wrap may need slightly trimmed. 80-97 Ford F-350/F-250 truck.  These will work on both 4wd factory truck and 2 wheel drive conversion trucks.

What is included: 
Right and Left low profile FSSH brackets, 12 grade 8 bolts to mount them, welding direct to the frame will also work.  There are 2 bolts that are machined for clearance, these go in the lower front bolt hole (shown in picture). 

The possibilities are great for those looking to keep trucks low and run a reversal kit.  With the eye moved forward like our normal FORD-FSSH-001 the shackle angle is greatly improved over factory and With the spring eye moved up, lift is kept to a minimum.  These were mainly designed for people converting a 2wd truck to a 4wd truck using our 2" shackle reversal.  The problem found was that the factory hangers needed are no longer available, and our standard FSSH would not work due to shackle interference.  So we designed these and solved all the issues at once.  The basic angle that is best will be 10* rearward kick, under load, mounting FSSH accordingly. With a stock 52" spring you will want an eye to eye of 51.250 inch's generally. Shorter aftermarket spring or longer ( Atlas-Deaver) spring will need adjusted accordingly.

 Once installed and under suspension weight, check to see if the shackle is rubbing the bracket (this will be from too much shackle angle)  If it is you will need to either relocate the bracket or sand the ears.