SKY Manufacturing 86-97 Ford 4x4 F-350 Fabricated Pan Hard Drop Bracket

$49.00 - $145.00
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F-350 Fabricated Pan Hard Drop Bracket

Every panhard drop bracket we sell for the OBS platform is here. 

Drop Plates are only available in 3" or 5"

We do not recommend utilizing these drop brackets on a truck that is 2" over or under our specified drop amount. (Don't use a 4" drop bracket on a truck with 7" of lift)

We do not have a good option for lifts greater than 6". Experience has shown the engine cradle to potentially come loose with extra leverage of massive drop brackets. We recommend our Ford CSKAPB-001 system at this point.

Fits factory frame holes, minor grinding may be require for fit and finish.

Fully made in the USA!