Sky Manufacturing 88-97 Ford Crossover Pan Hard Conversion Kit, FORD-CSKAPB

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Product Overview

88-97 Ford Crossover Pan Hard Conversion Kit

Fits F-350 4x4 88-97 trucks with at least 6 inch's of lift, preferably with OTS (Over The Springs ) crossover steering in order to keep the geometry as close as possible.

This kit will drastically reduce bump steer in lifted Ford Trucks, do to the much longer pan hard bar working in the correct plane as the steering.

Kit includes frame mount pan hard bar bracket, pan hard bar with hiem joint and Johny joint ends, axle mount with shock tabs included, driver side spring plate with shock tabs, and u bolts to flip them upwards. 

Kit is bolt on, requires notching driver side axle housing slightly for u bolt fitment, and removing factory passenger pan hard mount bracket. Links are made to max lift height length, can be trimmed slightly if needed.

Kit is laser cut, C.N.C formed 1/4 and 3/8ths steel, pan hard rod is 1.250 DOM tube, machine threaded, not weld in inserts. Grade 8 u-bolts.  




(No reviews yet) Write a Review