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    Sky Manufacturing, Ford 1980-1997 Dana 44 Crossover Steering Kit - DANA-44CSK

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      SKU: DANA-44CSK
      Sky Manufacturing, Ford 1980-1997 Dana 44 Crossover Steering Kit - DANA-44CSK

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      Sky Manufacturing, 1980-1997 Dana 44 Crossover Steering Kit -

      There is a 2 week lead time on all SKY products


      Dana 44 Crossover Steering Kit includes billet ASTM A572 Grade 50 passenger side steering arm, drag link, pit man arm, GM 1 ton high angle tie rod ends and chrome moly stud kit.

      NOTE: Steering kits are built to order and take up to 5 days to build. 
      Due to confusion, this does not include weekends and other lead times noted on the web site. 
      These kits are far less expensive than any comparable USA made kits on the market, and are very high in demand!
      ***The knuckle machining shop only operates Monday through Thursday and does not operate on holidays***

      Note: Chevy Dana 44 axles switched tie rod positions over the years, some have Tie rod on top, some on bottom, please check the positioning of the tie rod on your vehicle and order based on description on 10 bolt or 44. 10 bolt was all from the bottom.

      Dana 44 steering kits are designed to fit open knuckle flat top Dana 44 live spindle axles only. We do not build any kits for closed knuckle style axles or unit bearings.

      Sky's Dana 44 Crossover Steering Kit includes the following:

      Tierod ends,
      Pitman arm,
      Passenger Side Steering arm,
      Steering arm install kit.
      Frame Reinforcement Plates!

      67-87 Chevy/GMC vehicles will need to switch steering box's to a 2wd box in order to install crossover steering. You will need either a factory flat top knuckle machined or purchase an aftermarket knuckle, we carry Reid Racing heavy duty 4 stud knuckles,$219 and up!
      Sky's now offers a steering box brace kit for Chevy/GMC trucks in addition to our crossover kits,brace fits factory solid axle truck suv frame, 73-87.

      Note: Some IFS 88-2010 GMC/Chevy steering box's use a 3 relief pit man arm, these will need to be swapped to a 4 relief sector shaft or swap the entire box.

      You will also loose the ability to run the factory style sway bar, we recommend the Currie Anti Rock.
      Steering Links are trim-able, we generally give at least an inch on ea side extra to be safe.

      On Chevy/Gmc trucks we form the drag links to clear the cross member under the engine, the formed end will be closest to the pit man arm.

      Dodge kits require switching the steering box to the 2wd location, you will also need to either relocate the sway bar or run an aftermarket such as the Anti-Rock from Currie Ent.

      78-79 F-250 and F-350 Ford trucks will require re indexing the pitman arm 90 degree's, from front to back stock over to side to side.

      78-79 Ford F-150 simply requires installing new pitman arm in stock configuration.
      76-77 Ford F-250 and F-350 may require relocating steering box for clearance to leaf springs. Many are flat and will need rotated 20*. We have 2 pitman arm options as well on this particular conversion. If you only have 4" clearance from sector shaft to leaf springs, you will need a custom 2" drop arm we have now. Any more than this and the normal 4" drop arm will clear.

      We can build a Dana 44 crossover kit to fit just about any axle under and vehicle, e-mail with what you have and we'll let you know how much it will cost.

      NOTE: Body lift does not affect lift in options below. Please only specify suspension lift***

      Some info on our Studs!
      Sky's Off Road Design Dana 44 9/16ths high steer stud kit.

      The fact is, stock Dana studs were not designed for extreme use.

      So we fired up the SL-30 CNC lathe, grabbed some Chrome moly bar and started making our own studs.

      We start by cutting and threading the material, then it goes to heat treat for through hardening and then a black oxide coating is applied. The studs have a tensile strength of aprx 190kpi.

      Conical washers were another hard to find item. We have stared making our own, also out of chrome moly. These conical washers will not distort like factory softer versions.

      Includes 3: 9/16" x 18 Thread 4340 Chrome Moly Hardened studs, 9/16" Stover nuts, and 9/16" 4340 Chrome Moly conical washers. 

      Steering Arm Info:
      Our steering arms are CNC machined out of ASTM A572 Grade 50 steel. We previously have used 1018 steel, but switched to a more rigid material (A572). Grade 50 is a very strong low allow steel that fulfills our exceptionally high strength requirements, and is particularly strong for applications in which it is riveted or bolted. ASTM A572 Grade 50 is considered a "workhorse" grade and is widely used in many applications. Steel mills produce channel and heavy beams with Grade 50. It is commonly used in structural applications, heavy construction equipment, building structures, heavy duty anchoring systems, boom sections, structural steel shapes, and applications that require high strength per weight ratio.
      *Tensile strength: 65,000 psi
      *Yield strength: 50,000 psi

      Made in the USA!.



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