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    Superduty Spring Reverse Shackle Kit (1992-1997)

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      Superduty Spring Reverse Shackle Kit (1992-1997)

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      Superduty Spring Reverse Shackle Kit (1992-1997)

      To develop this kit PMF Suspension worked closely with OBS owners around the world. This was the first kit on the market to offer a complete bolt on RSK (reverse shackle kit) to use the Superduty springs on the OBS (old body style) trucks that required no frame or bumper modifications. With this kit, you can bolt on our conversion hangers using existing holes in your frame and clear all factory bumper mounts and components. For trucks that are wanting to install an intercooler, we have designed the kit with optional bolt locations to allow proper clearance for most intercoolers. For this installation configuration, you will need to drill two additional holes per side. The installation of this RSK kit will provide a noticeable improvement in ride quality. This is accomplished through the use of a longer Superduty spring and the relocation of the shackle to the rear of the spring. With that change, the truck is no longer fighting against itself when it hits bumps on the road. Instead, you will have a truck the drives and handles like a 1999-2004 F-250/350. The kit is available in 3 different lift heights. This is the lift amount of the kit itself. Please keep in mind that depending on what code of Superduty springs are used, you may have additional lift amount. The kit comes complete with the front hangers and rear shackles and all needed assembly hardware. Superduty springs and spring eyelet bolts are not included. The kit comes standard with a smooth square crossbar. This ties the two front hangers together and adds rigidity to the frame itself. The standard kits' crossbar is 1/8" wall thickness. If you choose to upgrade to tow hooks or a receiver hitch, we also upgrade the crossbar to 1/4" wall.

      **Note: This is a build to order part**


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      5/5 Stars based on 5 Reviews
      Superduty Spring Reverse Shackle Kit
      Jack Schaal | January 11th, 2022
      This product is totally awesome!!! There aren't enough words to describe the dramatic difference this kit makes. I commute 100 miles a day on a mixture of asphalt and concrete roads in Colorado. Before the kit, I spent the entire commute dodging every single crack, crevice and pothole on that commute as it would make me cringe. I've got over 50,000 miles in the last two years making that commute, with that said, trust me I know every inch of those roads. And now? I have not been able to find an inch of that road that I cannot stand. Like I am aiming for challenges on the road and it's astonishing the ride quality difference this made. I installed this on a 95 F350 CCLB 4x4. I opted for the 2.25" kit as I wished to remain able to park in my garage. I obtained a pair of used "V" code springs off an early model Super Duty. My beginning height from ground to front fender was 39.5" and when all said and done went to 41". Yes, that's right, I only got 1.5" and honestly it's perfect for what I am looking for! My old OBS springs had an "S" curve in them towards the rear hanger and were a two leaf pack with the 6" long 1/2" shim attached to the bottom. As far as stance, in my situation my truck had about 1" squat when the rear air bags were empty. Now I will be doing the 08-16 rear Super Duty spring swap on the rear and will tackle ride height discrepancies then as needed. It is worth noting that it is required to replace the front shocks even for the 2.25" kit. Also, my brake line is almost stretched to the max at full suspension of the springs, even after correcting the short shock problem so I recommend replacing them with longer ones also. Now I also chose the powder coated version with the tow hooks and front receiver. If I had one complaint at all about this kit, it would be that the receiver rests behind the factory located bumper. With that said the longest hitch leaves the ball just in front of the license plate. I removed a front receiver to install this kit and that receiver rested flush with the front of the license plate. Now this may be explained by the square tube being much smaller than a normal tube. Install was a breeze. I mean my child is just beginning to learn automotive stuff and he installed this kit in a couple hours with my supervision. I love this kit so much that I am considering converting my 97 F250 HD into a 4x4 and installing this kit in the process! I also installed the adjustable track bar with the Heim joints and it still rides amazingly! Now I have to figure out my pinion angle issue as the pinion is pointing down. I am guessing the bigger the lift, the less likely you will have this issue as the front hanger will be built longer adjusting the pinion angle accordingly. One more thing that you will need to replace is the sway bar links. As my truck sits right now, there is only about 3/4" clearance between the sway bar and the leaf springs and that's without any kind of articulation. As the sway bar is not riding where it should, it is about 1/2" or less away from that track bar. I notice they sell a replacement kit for this, but I am trying to source an over the counter replacement. I know this review is quite long but I wanted to answer as many of the questions I had as possible.
      Excellent product!
      Gene Jackson | April 6th, 2021
      Perfect fit and bolted on to the frame with no issues. The black powder-coat finish looked sharp and clean. Be sure to add the tow hook and reciever hitch options. (Put a step in the reciever hitch to make engine bay work much easier.) I installed the 3.5 inch lift when I did the Dana 60 swap on my '97 F250. With V-code SuperDuty springs, this lifted the front of the truck about 6 inches above stock. I added 6 inch PMF blocks to the rear to give a very slight rake towards the front. Very happy with all PMF products I've purchased.
      Richard Gonzales | September 24th, 2020
      Great quality. Fast shipping, although I was checking for a package everyday. In my case I was swaping 99-04 axels front and back into a 96. I didnt find instructions but installation was pretty straightforward. The lift with 4.25 RSK and supperduty 1 ton springs came out to about 8" in the front. It was a little more than I wanted but after it was leveled I was very happy. Tuck looks great and i would highly recommend this product.
      Pmf rsk
      kyle Folts | August 13th, 2020
      I installed the 4.5 inch rsk with x code superduty springs and fox shocks on my 94 f350 cclb and i have to say this kit awsome! Gave me a total of about 6 inches of lift and it rides better than new! Honestly the best riding leaf spring truck ever rode in! Very worth it amazing quality!
      SD Spring Swap
      Dave | May 10th, 2020
      Ordered this for my 96 F250 4x4 to run 01 super duty springs and correct some camber issues. Install time took about 3 hours with a buddy. Kit was straight forward and easy to do. Had to go down to the hardware store to get a slightly thinner bolt for one of the holes but other than that it’s perfect. With the lift I have combined with the RSK I’m clearing 37s. Would recommend.