1995 F-350 Roll-A-Long

1995 F-350 Roll-A-Long

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Part 1 of Restoring Our 1995 F-350 Roll-A-Long

There's a lot of unique pieces that make up this rare 1990s Ford conversion truck. This is Roll-A-Long's take on 90s luxury


Abandoned, But Not Forgotten

1990s Ford F-Series conversion trucks are a rarity to be seen on the road in todays age. Conversion companies in that era provided ultimate luxury with a pure 90s style vibe. It wasn’t uncommon to find walnut or teak consoles and interior trim paired with plush brown powered captains seats with side skirts on them. Ah, the 90s. Finding these bundles of nostalgia are difficult to come by and even harder to find them in any level of decent shape. That’s why the team at Complete Performance were totally floored when they came across a 90s conversion diamond in the rough.

If you follow us on social media, you probably saw our post about our recent incredible find — a 1995 F-350 Roll-A-Long dually. To make this even more of a jewel, this F-350 only has 58,000 original miles on it. The Roll-A-Long’s exterior is complete with immaculate J&J stainless steel tapered tube-style running boards, custom hand painted pin striping, Roll-A-Long lighted grab handles, a billet grille with driving lights, big rig style chrome bumper with back-up lights, and special position lighting all around.

The interior features Roll-A-Long wood trim and dash bezel, special lighting switches, custom stainless sill plates, an added 40 channel CB radio, and much more. 

With all that goodness, unfortunately, it had been sitting for several years in the elements. The window motors in the rear had been nonfunctioning for some when we found it. The wood interior trim is faded from sun exposure. It had collected years of grime and moss from many years of neglect. When we found this F-350, we knew that it had a lot of potential. 

We’ve begun the preliminary work to get this truck running and looking good again. Check out our video on it’s first wash in 10 years! 



The CP team decided this truck was too good to go to waste. We want our audience to join us as we restore this wistful truck back to it’s former 90s glory. Our plan is to walk you through some of the various fixes that need to be made and give you some tips and tricks on how we keep these trucks on the road for years to come. 

Next up in the series is an inspection where Kerry will figure out what this truck needs. He’ll also walk you through what to look for when you are buying an OBS.