Sweet Dreams Are Made of THIS

Sweet Dreams Are Made of THIS

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Lauren Robertson's Sweet Build

Lauren has spent the last 15 years dreaming up what she could do with her baby: a 1996 F-350 Powerstroke.

Lauren Robertson (@laur_sil) is Willie Wonka and she's got a ticket to Candy Land. This purple-blue aquamarine wrapped 1996 F-350 is a head turner created by Lauren and the team at Standout Specialties. 

We reached out to Lauren for some details on this build. On this 7.3 Powerstroke, they did an '05 axle swap with the 2.5" Carli Leveling Coil System. They also used Flight Fab's Superduty Front 4 Link Kit and traction bars with OEM coil buckets. In addition to these suspension upgrades, they went with RYD's track bar bracket. 

Lauren's truck wouldn't be complete without our Complete Performance tail lights, cab lights, head light bezels and grille. Because they added an '08 bumper, they used our bumper conversion brackets.

You might also be wondering about those wheels 👀. This truck is sitting on 24x14 JTX Credos wrapped in 33x13.5r24 Versa MXTs.

What do you think of this rad design? Let us know in the comments! For any of your wheel and tire needs, check out Standout Specialties. We highly recommend their experts.