ACC Carpet

Complete Performance takes pride in partnering with Auto Custom Carpets (ACC), a trailblazer in the automotive flooring industry since 1977. ACC began as a humble auto trim business and has grown to become the world's leading manufacturer of automotive flooring products, all while adhering to their core values: delivering superior, USA-made products, continuous improvement, and speedy service.

Why Choose ACC? For them, automotive flooring isn't a sideline—it's their specialty and sole focus. Their commitment ensures that every vehicle gets the attention to detail it deserves. ACC's team, rich in experience and dedication, guarantees that each product they craft meets the highest standards of quality and workmanship. This single-minded dedication is why ACC stands out as the top manufacturer in their field.

ACC's rich history started with founder Jack Holland, who evolved the company from sourcing OEM carpet to tufting their own, making them self-sufficient in meeting their carpet needs. ACC has grown through strategic acquisitions and innovative leadership, culminating in an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, which empowers their employees to take pride and ownership in their work.

Now, Auto Custom Carpets employs over 150 specialists across several locations, offering an extensive range of over 40,000 flooring options for vehicles dating from the 1940s to the present. Each product is custom-made to match or surpass OEM standards, typically ready to ship within 24 to 48 hours. With ACC, Complete Performance is excited to offer an unmatched selection of automotive flooring that stands the test of time.