AFE Power

At Complete Performance, we're excited to showcase offerings from advanced FLOW engineering (aFe Power), a leading innovator in the world of automotive performance enhancements. Since its inception in 1999, aFe Power has been crafting a vast array of upgrade components, from air intake systems to turbochargers and everything in between, all designed and made with pride in the USA.

Why aFe Power? They're not just manufacturers; they're creators, engineers, and enthusiasts who believe in pushing the envelope of performance. Their Southern California headquarters is more than a production facility—it's a powerhouse of innovation, where every component is rigorously tested and refined.

aFe Power boasts an impressive portfolio with over 2,500 applications, all hailing from their Corona, California base. Their products, including air filters, exhaust systems, and the Takeda USA intake line for sport compacts, represent the pinnacle of performance technology.

Continuously expanding, aFe Power has diversified into diesel fluid filters and powersport applications, while their differential covers, transmission pans, and turbochargers keep setting industry standards. They offer a variety of air filter media—Pro 5R, Pro Guard 7, and Pro Dry S—catering to different needs but always prioritizing quality and durability.

Specializing in diesel truck performance, aFe Power's lineup, including the Pro Guard D2 filters and Blade Runner intake manifolds, exemplifies their commitment to excellence.

At Complete Performance, we're proud to partner with aFe Power to bring their unparalleled performance products to your vehicle, enhancing your driving experience with every mile.