Complete Performance is thrilled to feature products from Airaid, a brand that began its journey with air filters but now encompasses a wide array of air intake solutions for internal combustion engines. Airaid empowers vehicle owners to not just drive but to explore and conquer diverse landscapes—from the silken drifts of snowy slopes to the granular challenges of sand dunes, the tenacity of mud bogs, and beyond.

Born from a Rebel Spirit:
Airaid leaped into the automotive scene with a revolutionary air filter designed to outperform factory standards. These filters, part of comprehensive intake system kits, quickly captured the attention of the high-performance aftermarket community. Expanding their offerings to accommodate a variety of vehicles, Airaid embraced innovation, leading to recognition from OEM companies and the development of specialized vehicle kits.

With a laser focus on air flow management, Airaid introduced the Poweraid throttle body spacers in 2000, enhancing their already high-performance intake systems. By 2001, Airaid had taken their commitment to excellence a step further by manufacturing their own air filters, ensuring unparalleled quality. Their Synthaflow and Synthamax filter media, based on meticulous laboratory testing, have become industry leaders for efficiency.

The Evolution of Airaid:

1997: Airaid disrupted the market with the original AIRAID Intake System, revolutionizing airflow and engine performance.

2000: The Poweraid® throttle body spacer, featuring a unique Helix-Bore design, became a game-changer, especially for off-roaders seeking robust torque and power.

2002: At the 2002 SEMA show, Airaid introduced their Premium Filter line, boasting the innovative SynthaFlow® material, a blend of cotton-gauze and synthetic nano-fibers, ideal for filtering out the finest dirt particles in harsh environments.

2019 & Beyond: The H-PAS (High-Performance Air Systems) team at Airaid continues to redefine the boundaries of air intake systems, aiming for perpetual improvement and enabling drivers to push the limits of adventure.

At Complete Performance, we're more than excited to offer Airaid's visionary products. This is more than just air filters; it's a comprehensive approach to maximizing performance through better, cleaner air—a promise of adventure, efficiency, and reliability for every customer.