89-96 Bronco Saginaw Pump Upgrade “Econoline Type”

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$289.99 - $599.99

Product Overview

No longer will you have to hunt around junkyards looking for an Econoline pump and bracket to swap into your Bronco. The benefit of using a Saginaw pump over the factory ford unit is the ability to do away with the weak, 20 plus year old plastic nipple and reservoir with an over all stronger pump with a better design that is less susceptible to whine. Our laser cut bracket is constructed of 1/4″ steel plate and bolts directly on allowing the install of the Saginaw Pump. Now sold with our billet pulley. This bracket/pump fits 302/351 micro-v belt systems only. (Bronco, F150, F250)


Part Numbers:

  • Doorman Pulley #300020
  • 351 Motors use 103″ Belt
  • 302 Motors use 99″ Belt


  • Custom Bracket
  • Bolt on installation

What’s Included:

  • Fabricated Bracket
  • Saginaw Pump
  • Billet Pulley
  • New Belt
  • New -6 Pressure and Return Hose


(No reviews yet) Write a Review