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We are Complete Performance, a small startup in Jasper Texas. With over 20 years of automotive experience, we've brought our knowledge and passion for the automotive industry online in 2018 as

We pride ourselves in being the leading experts in the 1980 to 2003 Ford F-Series Trucks.

Complete Performance is a company built by enthusiasts with great zeal to maintain or bring back life to 1992-1997 Fords trucks (the OBS, aka older body style). You will find a plethora of these trucks around our shop since they are almost everyone's daily drivers around here!

Our goal is to see these trucks last and be enjoyed by as many as possible. That is why we don’t try and compete with others in our industry, but rather come together and make better parts, get new ideas into production, and offer as many parts for sale in one location as possible.

We know that in today’s market you as a consumer have many options when it comes to purchasing parts for your truck. That’s why we work so hard to provide you with an excellent buying experience.