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Sky's Offroad Design (80-97) F-250/350 08-16' SD Rear Spring Swap

Sky's Offroad Design (80-97) F-250/350 08-16' SD Rear Spring Swap

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Sky's Offroad Design (80-97) F-250/350 08-16' SD Rear Spring Swap

This kit is great for those of you that are converting your truck to newer superduty axles and are wanting to swap rear springs as well.  Are you looking for a better ride quality in you 1980-1997 F250-F350?  This kit is a great way to accomplish that,  it is designed to swap the 2008-2016 rear leaf springs directly into your truck.


Is this kit bolt in? Yes, this kit is a direct bolt in no welding kit.

Does this kit lift my truck? Yes, your truck will have approximately 4" of lift. 

What does this kit fit? 

  • 1980-1997 F250
  • 1980-1997 F350

Kit Includes:

  • 2" Rear Shackle Flip
  • Conversion Boomerang Shackle
  • Front Spring Hanger
  • Ebrake Bracket
  • Hardware Pack

Installation Instructions  


Notes from Sky Manufacturing

There are many variations of these springs out there.  We have used the 2 Leaf pack version and gained 4" of lift which eliminated the factory block.  The truck sat level with a 2" Front Shackle Reversal.  When using the 3 or 4 leaf packs you will potentially gain more lift than the advertised 4".

You need the whole kit to complete the swap and keep the correct suspension geometry.  We only made this an option for those that already have the 2" shackle flip and/or boomerang shackle.

Ebrake bracket is intended to be weld on to your specific application, it does have 2 pilot holes in case you want to drill larger holes and run bolts in a location you choose.

If you have a standard cab truck you will have to slide the front tank over to be able to get behind the frame to drill the necessary holes and install bracket.  We installed this kit on a single cab truck, it is possible without removing fluid lines off of the inside of the frame.

All Sky products have at least two weeks lead time.