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(1980-1997) F-Series & Bronco - Extend-A-Mirror Replacement Blocks

(1980-1997) F-Series & Bronco - Extend-A-Mirror Replacement Blocks

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This is a Pair of Replacement Blocks for the Extend-A-Mirror
Made of polycarbonate plastic. Shims included. Made in USA.
Mounting Instructions
  1. Remove mirror head
  2. Position Head Extender bracket (without knob) on front side of mirror support.  1980 and newer vehicles require a shim, supplied.  Outside edge of bracket should barely cover original hole.
  3. Slide 8" aluminum extension arm into bracket with the hole pointing away from vehicle.
  4. Position other half of Head Extender bracket on rear side of mirror support and install cap screws with Allen wrench.  Re-install mirror head in extension are.  Adjust to desired position.
For Ford, Toyota and Dodge, after market mirrors.  
If loose, add shim.
Warning:  Improper installation of head extender wand/or failure to follow instructions may result in damage to paint.  Be sure to adjust so Head Extender does not touch paint.

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