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(1992-1997) Accessory Mounting Plate Kit

(1992-1997) Accessory Mounting Plate Kit

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OBS Solutions Accessory Mounting Plate Kit


OBS Solutions has designed this product to allow you to mount any accessory under the hood of a (1992-1997) bronco/f150/f250/f350 GAS ONLY, like an arb or via air compressor.

This product will require you to remove the factory tire iron and jack. It also requires you to relocate the vacuum canister.


If you have a 460 style vacuum canister you will need to swap to a 302/351 style vacuum canister.

The 460 vacuum is too large to fit in the fender well. This product is a blank plate, so that you are able to mount whatever you would like to it. Because of this you will need to drill your own holes regarding whatever you decide to mount to the plate.

Plate Dimensions:

14” x 11 ¾”. 1 ¾” of the front of the plate is only 8 ¾” wide in order to clear the A/C receiver drier

*This product does not include an air compressor

*This product is for Gas engine vehicles ONLY!

Instructions Here