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1994 - 1997 Ford 7.3L Dieselsite Water to Air Intercooler Kit

1994 - 1997 Ford 7.3L Dieselsite Water to Air Intercooler Kit

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Enhance your 1994-1997 Ford 7.3L PSD "OBS" trucks with DIESELSITE's latest innovation:

Water to Air Intercooler Upgrade

Discover the revolution in truck performance! Featured at SEMA 2023 this upgrade is a game-changer!

Why Choose a Water to Air Intercooler?

Turbocharged engines generate charge air temperatures exceeding 300 degrees, leading to less dense air with reduced oxygen. This compromises fuel burn rate. With our intercooler, you can expect:

  • Enhanced Power Output
  • Cleaner Combustion
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency

The DIESELSITE Advantage:

This design prioritizes efficiency, economy, and necessity.

  • Easy Installation: Bolt-in design, no major modifications required.*
  • Superior Efficiency: Outperforms traditional air-to-air conversions.
  • Boosted Power: Enjoy peak performance whenever you need it.
  • Zero Lag Increase: Maintains responsiveness, unlike typical air-to-air systems.
  • Optimal Cooling: Ensures dense, oxygen-rich air for combustion.

*Note: Not compatible with factory fuel bowl setups. Prior relocation of the fuel bowl or a fuel bowl delete modification is necessary for installation.

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