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6.0 Transmission Cooler Upgrade

6.0 Transmission Cooler Upgrade

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Dieselsite Transmission Cooler For 7.3L & 6.0L 

While we all want maximum power out of our rigs, understanding the effects that performance upgrades have on the other parts of your truck is essential. Whether you have an increased horsepower build or towing a heavy load, the largest obstacle you will need to overcome is heat. This is especially true with transmissions in the 7.3 and 6.0 Powerstrokes. The leading cause of premature transmission failure is heat, which is an expected side effect when your truck is under load.

To combat this excessive heat, Dieselsite has developed a superior transmission cooler to keep your transmission working efficiently and maximize its lifespan – regardless of how heavy you are towing, or how much power you have built into your truck. Dieselsite's transmission cooler has been thoroughly designed and tested for both the 7.3 and 6.0 applications and comes with custom 3/8” to ½” adapter fittings that will allow consumers to use the kit on either setup.

The factory transmission coolers on these trucks were barely adequate for daily driving and simply couldn’t handle the increased heat with anything more than riding around town. This transmission cooler is rated for an estimated 90,000+ GVW, while the stock cooler on the 99-03 7.3 was rated for 28,000 GVW. To achieve such an efficient cooler, Dieselsite used a 40-row stacked plate design which drastically increases the surface area for effective heat exchange. With the massive surface area increase, the fluid volume in the cooler also increases. This results in more fluid with more room to effectively cool, no matter what you throw at your transmission.

In research, other aftermarket transmission coolers max out at a 37-row design at best, and do not specialize with the Powerstroke transmissions. Dieselsite has been specializing with these trucks since 1998, and build custom E4OD, 4R100, and 5R110 Legendary transmissions. Extensive research, development, and testing goes into all their products, and their transmission cooler is no exception. Unless you bought your diesel to transport the neighborhood kids to soccer practice, you’re likely working your truck just like we do. Keep your transmission cool and you’ll have no issues maintaining performance and reliability together.