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(1994.5-2003) - 7.3 IDM Testing Service

(1994.5-2003) - 7.3 IDM Testing Service

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7.3 IDM Testing Service (1994.5-2003) 

This is a great IDM testing service provided by Diesel Technology of Chattanooga.

IDM testing consists of verifying that the IDM fires all 8 injectors, runs an Injector Buzz Test to see if it is throwing false codes, and checking the output voltage and waveforms to the injectors with an oscilloscope.

As the IDM ages, the current output drops due drift in the tolerances of various components. The oscilloscope checks show the degree to which the IDM has lost performance.

If you are troubleshooting a no-start or injector misfire condition, we recommend you test both units, unless you have ruled out one or the other of the modules by swapping a known-good test unit into the problem vehicle.


Please fill out the form HERE.

The more info you provide about your vehicle's symptoms and issues, the more thoroughly they can test your modules, and the better guidance they can give you for additional troubleshooting steps.

**The form has to be included in the box with your PCM/IDM!**