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(1994.5-2003) - 7.3 PCM Performance Reflash

(1994.5-2003) - 7.3 PCM Performance Reflash

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7.3 PCM Performance Reflash (1994.5-2003)




If you want a little more pep and power out of your truck, but don't want to spend $400 for a 6-position chip, Diesel Technology can put a mild performance tune on it. One of the top questions customers ask Diesel Technology is, "How much horsepower will it add?" This performance reflash will give you an extra 40-50HP. It's meant to be enough to liven the truck up and give you a little extra passing power, but not be so much you need to worry about smoking the transmission or melting the pistons when towing a heavy load.

All flashes include test running the PCM before and after programming to verify proper functioning.


Please fill out the form HERE.

The more info you provide about your vehicle's symptoms and issues, the more thoroughly they can test your modules, and the better guidance they can give you for additional troubleshooting steps. 

**The form has to be included in the box with your PCM/IDM!**