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(1994.5-2003) - 7.3 PCM Reflash Auto to Manual

(1994.5-2003) - 7.3 PCM Reflash Auto to Manual

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7.3 PCM Reflash Auto to Manual (1994.5-2003)


If you are changing your 7.3 from an automatic transmission to a manual transmission, Diesel Technology of Chattanooga can program your automatic PCM with a manual transmission program so you won't have to deal with 20-30 transmission related DTC's every time you read trouble codes, and to prevent the PCM from doing anything weird when it sees the transmission is "missing" or the RPM's haven't changed after it commanded a shift or converter lock/unlock.

They cannot make a manual transmission PCM into an automatic; if you're swapping to an automatic, you'll need to buy a PCM.


Please fill out the form HERE. 

The more info you provide about your vehicle's symptoms and issues, the more thoroughly they can test your modules, and the better guidance they can give you for additional troubleshooting steps. 

**The form has to be included in the box with your PCM/IDM!**