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(1994.5-1996) - 7.3 PCM Update to OBDII

(1994.5-1996) - 7.3 PCM Update to OBDII

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7.3 PCM Update to OBDII (1994.5-1996)




Choose this option if you want your PCM reflashed to stock with either the most recent Ford calibration, or one that Diesel Technology consider to be a "Gold Standard" by having proved itself over the years.

Also use this if you have found a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) recommending a flash to remedy a specific issue. Please tell them what the TSB number is in the notes section of the Vehicle Information form.

If you bought the truck used and think the previous owner may have put a tune on it, but kept the tuner, this will return it to stock.

**If you have the tuner and have them reflash the PCM to stock, you will not be able to use your tuner on it again unless you send the tuner back to the manufacturer to get it unlocked.**

If your truck is a 1994.5-1996 and want to get the PCM updated to have full OBDII capabilities with a scan tool, choose this service. If the "tear tag" on the PCM access cover or connector label reads TDE0/TDE1 (Auto Trans) or MLE0/MLE1 (Manual Trans), then no updates are needed.

If your truck is a manual trans and the code is BEGx, which has no OBDII capability at all, this will make it fully functional.

All flashes include test running the PCM before and after programming to verify proper functioning.

Please tell them WHY you want it reflashed in the comments section of the order page. As a general rule, flashing does NOT fix anything that is wrong with the truck, except for TSB issues.

** On 1994.5-1997 trucks, if a scan tool will not connect, or the tuner download has failed, the problem is most likely due to a failed Comm Circuit in the PCM, meaning the PCM needs to be rebuilt, not a reflash/recovery** 


Please fill out the form HERE.

The more info you provide about your vehicle's symptoms and issues, the more thoroughly they can test your modules, and the better guidance they can give you for additional troubleshooting steps. 

**The form has to be included in the box with your PCM/IDM!**