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7.3 Dipstick Fix Kit

7.3 Dipstick Fix Kit

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Mitch Olsen Designs

A permanent external oil leak repair kit that you can install with basic hand tools


WORKS ON 94.5-03 PowerStroke Diesel

The leak at the dipstick flange is a well known issue with the 7.3 Powerstroke motor. The leak develops because the factory O-ring mounted inside the adapter swells over time due to exposure to oil. As the seal swells it actually deforms the inner piece of the adapter causing the outer nut to loosen. Some people will try tightening the nut to stop the leak and that can work temporarily, but it only deforms the inner piece more.

The factory repair for this leak is to remove the pan and replace the whole unit from the inside of the pan. This is a time consuming and expensive repair.

There are a few aftermarket options out there designed to repair this from the outside of the pan.

There is a weld in bung option, Requiring welding to dissimilar materials with pipe fitter skills.

There is a bolt on unit that requires dropping the internal part inside the pan and leaving it there loose.
Our kit reuses the internal part and moves the seal to the outside of the pan. Nothing left abandoned inside the pan and no welding.

DISCLAIMER - This only works with FACTORY or DORMAN internal dipstick flanges. Also if your dipstick nut has ever been over tightened and the threads pulled you could still wind up with a small leak.