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99-03 - Radiator Hose Re-Route

99-03 - Radiator Hose Re-Route

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Radiator hose Fix

This hose re-routes the upper radiator hose around the serpentine belt, instead of through it, making changing your serpentine belt much easier to change or replace. This hose works on trucks with dual or single alternators. GREAT time to install one of our Thermostat housing fixes also....


For use on Single and Dual Alternator Trucks.

Change your Serpentine Belt without removing the upper radiator hose! The stock upper radiator hose (99-03) currently runs out of the water pump, between the serpentine belt and the into the radiator.

With the OE setup, you must remove your upper radiator hose to replace the serpentine belt.
 Changing to the Dual Alternator Hose eliminates the need to remove the upper hose to change the belt.