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Block Heater Bumper Plug Kit

Block Heater Bumper Plug Kit

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Block Heater Bumper Plug Kit



No more block heater cord hanging from the front bumper or low batteries from not driving your truck lately. With this kit you get a nice, solid mounted 110v receptacle that connects to your block heater and trickle charger (supplied with this kit) and powers both with just one extension cord. The receptacle also has a nice cover that keeps all the weather and road debris out of the plugin while you are driving around.

What's included:

  • Bumper Flange Bracket
  • Flanged Power Inlet Socket with Two 18" Extension Cords
  • 2 Amp Trickle Charger/Maintainer
  • 4 - Rivets for mounting the bumper flange bracket
  • 3 - Stainless Screw for mounting Power Inlet to Bumper Flange Bracket

*Unfortunately and fortunately, we are not Amazon. Carrick Customs creates all custom parts and that takes time. Please expect up to a 7-10 business day processing time.