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Blue Top Steering Gear Box, 1980-2007 F-Series Trucks

Blue Top Steering Gear Box, 1980-2007 F-Series Trucks

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Bluetop Steering Gear Box

Does your truck has a lot of slack in the steering but youve changed the steering linkages already? Most likely your steering box is worn out.  This Bluetop steering gear is the perfect fix for you.  

High Quality Remanufactured with OE seals and custom fit ball bearings to eliminate play.


1980 - 1997 F150, F250, F350 

Some 1997 models have a 4 bolt design this box will not work on those trucks.


Helpful information regarding core returns.




Our steering gears are shipped with a copy of your invoice as well as a core ID tag in a packing slip on the outside of shipping box. This bright green tag (pictured) NEEDS to be returned with your core as it has helpful information that we use to be sure your core charge gets credited back to you in a timely manner. If this tag is lost you will need to write on a note, the invoice #, your name & your phone number so we can be sure you will get your credit. If neither of these are included you may not get a core refund.  Please refer to back of tag for more useful information for returning core.  All cores returned after 30 days will be credited at 50% of the original core charge. Cores returned after 180 days will not be credited at all.  Cores that are not OE or not identical to the gearbox we sent you will be credited at 25%. ($200 core charge = $50 credit). If we do not get back the correct core it changes our inventory requiring us to purchase another core to make up for the loss. If we do not get the correct one back then we cannot continue to circulate quality steering products. 


 Noticeable differences are as follows (please click links for photos)

1. Top cover (the one we paint blue). Aftermarket gears can have 6 bolts holding on the cover vs 4 bolts standard on the OEM

2. Adjustment screw (on the top cover). Aftermarket gears generally always have a slot for a flat blade screwdriver to rotate screw. OEM gears have an Allen Wrench hexagonal hole for rotating the screw.

3. Valve housing depressions. Ford valve housings have 2 distinct depression rings that go around the housing. Aftermarket housings have 1 depression going around.

4. Input shaft torsion bar stud.  Aftermarket input shafts do not have a torsion bar through the shaft. OEM input shaft will have a visible stud sticking out the end of input shaft approx 1/4" +. Click here for close up of an aftermarket input shaft.


Please keep in mind to package the cores well as to avoid damage during shipment. Damaged or non-repairable cores will be prorated and will result in a lesser core charge.  Broken or cracked output/input shafts usually result in a 50% credit. We generally do not have to deduct from core charges, but we want everyone aware that it could happen. 

For returning your core, please ship to one of the following address:

Blue Top Steering Gears

125 Dune Ave

Stanton, ND 58571

We now include a flushing & bleeding tag that has very useful information on front and backside. Please refer to these instructions to help properly flush your power steering system.  Failure to flush system will void warranty! Don't forgot to include your green core return tag with your core returns.

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