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Body Mount Bushing Kit (1980-1996) F150/(1980-1997) F250, F350, Fsuperduty

Body Mount Bushing Kit (1980-1996) F150/(1980-1997) F250, F350, Fsuperduty

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Body Mount Bushings Kit For 1980-1998 F150, F250, F350, FSuperduty



There is a common problem amongst the OEM body mount bushings on Ford F150, F250, and F350 trucks manufactured in the 1980s and 1990s. If you have noticed that your cab is sagging on the driver or passenger side (or both), then you probably need to replace those OEMs with Polyurethane Body Mount Bushings. Also you might be experiencing poor handling from your Ford, which is another sign of the need for body mount replacement. To take care of the sagging you can hike up the cab with shims if you want, but the underlying problem is the worn out rubber OEM bushings that could be on the verge of falling apart. If your rubber bushings are starting to fail and you replace them with polyurethane body mount bushings you will be able to tell the difference immediately. The polyurethane bushings will keep your cab attached firmly to the frame with just enough give to make sure your ride isn't too rough. If you're looking for a dependable, long-lasting solution to your truck's cab sagging or poor handling then look no further.

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ford f150 f250 f350 body mount bushing kit

polyurethane body mount bushings

Polyurethane Bushings

These bushings are made of a special blend of polyurethane called HYPER-FLEX. The folks at Energy Suspension are very proud of it, because several years of research have gone into this blend of strength and flexibility. These bushings are stiff enough to provide a more responsive handling experience with your Ford truck, but have enough give to keep your ride smooth. Polyurethane is a tough substance that won't break down in the face of ozone, road salts, oil, and chemicals commonly used under your truck.


zinc plated body mount hardware

Zinc Plated Steel Washers, Bolts, and Sleeves

If you're thinking of DIYing this little project and the thought of Cadmium plated parts worries you, never fear. The hardware in this kit employs a zinc coating to keep those parts from succumbing to the most feared enemy of all steel; rust. The barrier that the zinc provides will extend the life of the hardware on this part, allowing you to breathe easy while you're heading down Hwy 377 out of Stephenville toward Forth Worth to enjoy a night on the town.


ford f series body mount bushings

Long lasting Body-To-Frame Alignment

If you are experiencing this cab sag then you can already see the effects of a failing body mount bushing. Whether the rubber is crushed or beginning to rot from exposure, the material just isn't up to the task of keeping your Ford's cab aligned with, or secured to, your frame. Switching to polyurethane body mount bushings will keep the cab of your Ford truck tightly secured for the life of your vehicle. This body mount kit will keep you riding true long after those rubber bushings are decomposing in a landfill.