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(1992-1997) - F-series & Bronco - Classic 1

(1992-1997) - F-series & Bronco - Classic 1

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Buckstop Classic 1

The Buckstop Classic model bumpers are the mainstay of the product line. An elegant clean look with full protection for the grill and headlights that includes plenty of beef with 2" tubing over the headlights and 2-1/2" tubing across the center. Buckstop Grill Guard tubing is located in front of the headlight corners for maximum protection.


Included Features:

  • Hidden winch mount
  • Winch access cover door
  • Recessed Light Mounts for one pair of 6" lights
  • 2" Trailer receiver
  • Tow hooks or relocation points for OEM hooks
  • License plate mount
  • Air inlets - especially for diesel cooling
  • Hardware Kit and Installation Instructions
  • Includes everything necessary to bolt-on and go

Choice of Two Materials

Buckstop Bumpers are built to be used and abused. The bumper is fully intended to protect the vehicle through an optimal balance of strength and weight. Buckstop Truckware is a full engineering and manufacturing facility with all operations in-house. Custom designs are available as well as special materials. Buckstop works in standard carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.


The main-stay of Buckstop's heavy-duty, high strength top quality Bumpers

Carbon is the basic steel from which most things including most bumpers are made. It is very difficult to dent in animal strikes and resilient in other collisions. Buckstop bumpers for full sized rigs are 1/4″ steel in the primary impact zone and winch center and 3/16″ steel under the headlights. Half ton full size vehicles are 3/16" throughout.

  • The advantages of Carbon Steel are low cost and its ability to absorb impact.
  • A typical 3/4 ton full-sized bumper with grill guard weighs approximately 220lbs.


Light-weight aluminum engineered to maintain Buckstop's tradition of brute strength

Aluminum is a favorite choice in cases where weight is critical. To maintain Buckstop's standard of strength, the aluminum bumpers are 3/8" thick in the primary impact zone and winch center and 1/4″ steel under the headlights. The geometry and gusseting is enhanced as well. The aluminum bumpers use steel mounting to the frame and steel Grill Guard tubing where the bumper is especially vulnerable. In addition, the 2" trailer receiver is a steel bolt-on configuration. It could easily be made lighter, thinner, and without so many features, but it comes at the cost of strength.

  • The advantage of aluminum is a weight savings of 90lbs over steel and a resistance to corrosion.
  • Finish – the aluminum bumpers are powdercoated just like steel.
  • A typical 3/4 ton full-sized bumper with grill guard weighs approximately 130lbs.