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Bulge Acorn 9/16-18 Lug Nuts Open End - 32

Bulge Acorn 9/16-18 Lug Nuts Open End - 32

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Bulge Acorn 9/16-18 Lug Nuts Open End




This is a set of 32 lug nuts. They will fit any vehicle with the thread pitch of 9/16" or 9/16-18 threads. 

- Verify Thread Size = If your vehicle is not shown as compatible above, it is the buyer's responsibility to ensure they are purchasing the correct thread size.
- Verify Seat Type = Wheel Lug Holes have a variety of seat types. These Cone Seat nuts will only work with wheels that are manufactured with cone seat lug holes. These do not have a cosmetic sleeve over the lug like some factory versions! Please insure that you are purchasing the correct lug nut model for your wheel seat type.
- Verify Lug Nut Measurements = We cannot know what wheel you own. It is necessary for you to check the diagram of the nut (width/length/etc) to ensure it will work with your wheels.
- Professional Installation Recommended.
- Be sure to torque the lug nuts to the vehicle manufacturer specifications.
- Avoid using an impact wrench; improper usage may cause damage to components.
- Check and re-torque after 25-50 miles of driving.

Each OBS SRW trucks require - 32