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94.5-03 7.3L CNC Fab HPOP (HPx) Crossover Line, American Made

94.5-03 7.3L CNC Fab HPOP (HPx) Crossover Line, American Made

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CNC Fabrication HPX High Pressure Crossover Line



Made in USA

As previously stated, this does not create more horsepower, nor is it intended to, but the majority of owners see a slight to significant decrease in engine idle noise. This is due to the helmholtz resonance effect that is created from the injectors firing so quickly, and the HPOP (High Pressure Oil Pump) cannot react quick enough to balance/absorb on its own from back pressure spikes within the system. So when the tiny spikes happen, the HPX line sends the pressure back and forth through the heads, instead of hammering on the pump itself.


  • Fittings are the same style as those used on the 1994-1997 Powerstroke engines
  • Hoses are using top of the line Aeroquip hose, utilizing DuPont Teflon lining
  • Burst pressure rating of 16,000 PSI, working temperature rating of 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Nominal working pressure is 5,000 PSI at 72 degrees and 3,000 PSI at 400 degrees
  • Made in the USA


  • This line is for the 1999-2003 models, but it will work on the 1994-1997 models, but you must also install the CNC Fabrication OBS HPOP lines due to how the lines are routed on the OBS trucks